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Welcome to my comprehensive overview of the art, craft and career of voice acting! I’ve distilled all I’ve learned for the benefit of both beginners as well as advanced performers seeking to get into voice acting. Having learned much over twenty five+ years in this business, I hope to provide you clear-headed, practical and supportive insight.

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Those new to voice acting and all curious amateurs should start by reading my FAQ and VO Myths pages.

If you are new to acting check the pages under the “Starting from Zero” dropdown menu above.

More advanced performers

More experienced performers will find specifics on advanced topics like how to make a demo, how to audition, what happens in a session and how get an agent, as well as broader discussion of the career of voice acting for those suited to it.

New Pandemic Pages!

For a breakdown of risks of early return to in-studio recording CLICK HERE.

COVID has rendered VO fully mobile! For my Working from Home pages CLICK HERE.

For a new page for experienced performers ready to start: CLICK HERE.

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you still have a voice over question, post it (below)!  

If my site doesn’t already address your question ask it, and if it is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it. 


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  1. Hey Dee! Any advice for … finding an audio engineer?

  2. …should voice over artists have a talent agent? And is it possible for not having a talent agency for voice over beginners?

    • The only way I’ve ever made money in VO is through an agent. But my focus for those starting on this is more on building your VO chops rather than the business of it. Money is the last thing a beginner should be focused on.

  3. Hello, what do you do if you have the chops, but don’t have enough professional experience to get an agent…

    • Professional experience isn’t the key to getting an agent. As I say elsewhere, they key isn’t even getting an agent. The key is getting so good that they have to sign or hire you. If you’re so good that they can’t say no, opportunity will come your way.

      If you indeed “have the chops” a good agent will want you. They don’t hire experience or a resume’, though those can be important indications of your readiness. An agent hires the acting demonstrated on your demo, your engaging presence, and any evidence that you are a good prospect as a smart and talented business partner. A resume’ is fine, but it won’t suffice.

      I’d much rather have a killer demo and a thin resume’ than the opposite. An agent can’t sell you with a resume’. They can with a killer demo.

      If you indeed “have the chops” you should be ready to make a demo that draws attention. If you’re not ready for that, revise your self-assessment and keep working at getting better. You can take online courses with VO pros who can not only teach and refine your talent, but may also be able to recommend you if you impress them with your “chops.”

  4. How old do you have to be to voice act?

  5. […] I take several acting class and is it true all i need is a degree?[…]

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