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This site is a comprehensive overview of the art and career of voice acting for both beginners and more advanced performers. It is a distillation of everything I’ve learned from over two decades of earning a living voice acting in video games, movies and television series in Los Angeles. 


Those new to VO will learn that becoming a voice actor means becoming a specialized kind of actor. For those just starting out with little or no voice acting experience, I show how you might go about finding whether voice acting is a good fit for you. 

All newbies should read: “Starting from Zero,” “VO Myths,” “Learning to Act,” and “FAQs.” These pages are relevant to all beginners, whether you live in Nowheres-ville or a Big City, whether you are clueless or confident, young or old, local or international.  

To start improving your VO skills right away, click on over to my “Voice Acting Academy,” for lots of at-home practice material.

For a quick overview read What a Voice Actor Needs to Learn.

Those who already have voice acting experience

Those further along will learn how the VO business works and what to do or avoid in pursuing an acting career. You’ll also find specifics on more advanced topics like how to make a demo, how to audition, what happens in a session and how get an agent. I also discuss handling the ups and downs of an acting career and discuss the importance of keeping your artistic “fuel tank” full.

I try to show you the “long game” as well as the “short game” of being a voice actor.

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you still have a voice over question, ask it!  

If your question is not already addressed and is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it.

Although no website or book or class can make everyone a professional voice actor, I hope these pages provide you a practical and comprehensive “launch pad” for exploring voice acting. I continually add new content as I keep polishing the old, so check back.

Have fun, best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker


If you enjoy my site, why not make a donation of any amount to the American Humane Association, a wonderful charity that helps protect children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect?


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  1. I have no experience in voice acting or acting in general. I always have a problem performing infront of people, which discouraged me from even trying. Is there any way I can overcome my shyness and pursue voice acting?

  2. Im very determined to have a career in Voice acting. I’m currently preferring not to go to college and I have a fall back plan. You suggest having experience before relocating to LA. Based on my location [in a small town]…do you have any advice on how to gain training and experience?

    • I’d never advise against a college education. My liberal arts education gave me flexibility of mind and a more improvisational outlook on the practice of pursuing what I like in life in a world that is rapidly evolving. I also acquired a lot of knowledge that I use daily in my work as an actor in diagnosing a story or a gag or a scene- and I didn’t study acting. Also see my FAQ #4.

  3. I want to be a voice actor, I am 17, planning on going to college […] I have no training, and little money[…] I’ve had lots of drama experience having been in plays and productions. […] I have a very distinct squeaky and high airy voice people […] think would be great for animes or cartoons. Does having a distinct voice even matter in this industry?

    • I discuss money issues for young actors extensively (e.g. FAQ 13). All actors start with no training and little money. I know actors with all sorts of odd “default” voices who work in VO. A few with voices that might be described as “annoying” or “nasally” or “high pitched.” I believe success in animation VO is more a function of your acting ability in addition to improv chops and range of character for most (not all), as well as other skills I detail. It will take further investigation to see if this branch of acting agrees with your talent and ambition.

  4. Do you think it is possible for me to become a successful actor whether it be a VO and/or a Stage performer?

  5. 1. How do I start out as a beginning VA?
    2. How can I train/learn how to create realistic animal sounds?

    • 1. Many paths can lead to VA, all detailed on my site.
      2. I watched a lot of nature documentaries when young and monster movies then had good improv experience as well as vocal training and acting experience. These all led me to making animal sounds. An understanding/love of animals and monsters along with uninhibited vocal experimentation plus acting skill are needed for this kind of thing.

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