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Animation Voice Acting Classes

There are a ton of working L.A.-based voice actors who teach on Zoom, as well as many living elsewhere.

Who would I study with now if I were starting out with aims to “go pro” in animation or game voice acting? I’ll list a few. If I wanted to learn voice acting, I’d want to learn from someone who is talented, experienced and still works.

There are many great animation voice actors who also teach: Steve Blum, Bob Bergen, Charlie Adler, Cathy Cavadini, Richard Horvitz, JP Karliak, Jennifer Hale, David Sobolov and others. Excellent voice actors all. Click their name to visit their VO class info pages.

Voice-caster Mary Lynn Wissner at Voices Voice Casting in L.A. (a working casting facility) has a rotation of VO classes taught by known people who work (their “Meet the Pros” lineup) as well as beginner classes that you may find helpful: .

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many good acting teachers as well as experienced casting directors and agents who share their insight in classes.

I’m more keen to be ready to shine as an actor before seeking an audience with an agent or casting/voice director in a class. My inclination is to seek out those who offer good insight and cast shows now running- assuming I’m ready to be seen.

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