Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."


Homework for VO Auditioning Class

Beginners and more advanced students:

What draws you to voice acting?

Where might you want to go with voice acting (if anywhere)? 

What are your strengths as a prospective voice actor?

What might you need work on?

What shows/games/movies would you love to work on?

Who would you love to work with or collaborate with?

What activities, experiences or people inspire you? 

What do you like to do that isn’t related to voice acting?

Who are your heroes or role models (artists or non-artists)?

What are you presently doing to discover or improve your acting, improv and voice over abilities? 

What are your obstacles or challenges?


For more advanced voice students: 

Becoming a voice actor requires talent, interest, focus, acting skills and vocal control. Where do you stand with these?

What specific projects or shows or networks might be right for your particular strengths?

What do you think of your auditions?

How do you think others perceive your voice work? 

Do your promotional materials showcase you well? Does your agent agree?

If you’re not getting enough auditions or work- why might that be?

What do you enjoy about your journey to becoming a voice actor? What is most challenging?

What are your goals? 

What are you doing to get better at voice acting?

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