Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."


Answer the following questions as fully as you can:

What is your vision for your career? Where do you want to be in 1, 5, 10, 20 years?

What do you see as your “sweet spot—“ your default superpower— as an actor? Are ready to deliver that? 

Do your promotional materials adequately showcase your strength/ your superpower? Does your agent agree?
How might you expand on your default “brand?” How can you encourage your career and creative powers in new directions? 
What specific projects or specific shows or networks would be right for your particular strengths?
How do you replenish your “fuel?” How do you do to feed your enthusiasm for your work/career? How do you charge the battery of your life so that it may fuel your work?
Who are your heroes, your beacons that you set your compass by (not just actors)? How did your heroes get to where they are/were? How often do you visit your heroes? What do you do to emulate them and bring their inspiration into your life and work? 
With what do you fill your mind and heart?
What steps are you taking to discover and improve your acting and improv abilities? 
What are you doing to “lay the web” for your career’s payoff? What are the steps you are taking to escalate your success? 
What are you doing to expand your competency and power as a (voice) actor?

© Dee Bradley Baker 2021

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