Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."

General Advice

I’m old enough to see that many of life’s helpful stand out truths are pretty obvious. 


Explore, learn and try anything that interests you- always. Don’t wait for permission to start.

• Find the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at and follow that.

• Be honest with yourself and seek honest input & correction.

• Follow your own weirdness, passion, idiosyncrasy.

• Make doing things you love a habit, regardless of payoff.

• Don’t let success diminish your gratitude.

• Apply the rules of good improv to life and work:  Second support, “yes-and,” make lots of offers, don’t bail, listen and be open, don’t grandstand or force your offers and ideas.

• Focus your mind & efforts on what you can influence that you care about and forget the rest.

• Your friends & relationships frame your future, so surround yourself with people headed where you want to go.

*Stay open to change. Listen to understand.

• Give yourself a break, celebrate all victories.

• Say what you want out loud- all the time. Mind your mantras.

© Dee Bradley Baker 2021

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