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A Boring List of General Advice

My, how I do go on.

I’m old enough to see that many of the “Big True Things” in life are pretty obvious or even kind of boring. Since I seem unable to stop inflicting my opinions, I here share my more general life advice, written in a big annoying font to make them seem more important.


Explore, learn and try anything that interests you- always.

• Find the intersection of what you love and what you’re good at and follow that.

• Be honest with yourself and seek honest input & correction.

• Follow your own weirdness, passion, idiosyncrasy.

• Make doing things you love a habit, regardless of payoff.

• Don’t let success diminish your gratitude.

• Apply the rules of good improv to life and work:

• Second support, “Yes-and,” Make lots of offers, Don’t bail, Listen and be open, Don’t grandstand or force your offers.

• Focus your mind & efforts on what you can influence that you care about and forget the rest.

• Your friends & relationships frame your future, so surround yourself with people headed where you want to go.

*Stay open to change. Listen to understand.

• Give yourself a break, celebrate all victories.

• Say what you want out loud- all the time. Mind your mantras.

© Dee Bradley Baker 2021

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