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No Matter What

I‘d like to create an advanced voice acting class entitled, „You‘ll Never Make It as a Voice Actor! You Can‘t Learn It and I Can‘t Teach It!” Those students that still showed up would not only get a good class, but they may have a future in this.

Inspite of it all, always bet on yourself and keep going.

Answer your doubt and discouragement with persistence. Have the guts to stand by your aspirations.

If the negatives in your path mean little or nothing to you, you may have a shot.

To find a life that is your own, to arrive at a career that fulfills you, start and persist with following what compels and calls to you. Find a goal that isn’t merely an idly pondered fantasy. It must be an inner call strong enough to pull you forward into action. It is not only something you are curious about or able to do, it is something you have to do. And to hell with anyone who says otherwise.

Yes, you start with exploring, with dipping in your toes. But ultimately, you must be driven to act.

This isn‘t to say you can bluster your way into a successful career without the talent, skill and luck. But you will have to shed your hesitation. You gotta bet on yourself.

You don’t need permission of some authority or some checkered flag to signal your start. You will never find a more lynchpin advocate and mover of your potential than within yourself.

You must be the rock when the rest of the world is the rushing water. The force of relentless adversity only serves to polish your resolve.

Many fear trying. They fear of betting on themselves. They hesitate to gamble on their talent by investing in a class or auditioning for a show or even moving to a city with a deeper pool of talent to compete with and learn from.

It’s all too scary a prospect, too fraught a wager. They dread risking things not working out. Someone might roll their eyes or even, God forbid, say „not good enough.“

But an aspiring pro-to-be thinks to themself, “Not good enough…yet.” Those are the salmon who will make it upstream.

If you are right for acting, you swallow your fear and step onto the stage and allow the audience to respond to your vulnerable courage as they will. Night after night after night. The action is yours to take or not, provided you possess sufficient motivation to heed its call.

Each step you take can be meaningful, no matter how small. Whether it‘s plunking down some dough for an audition, a class, audio equipment, or a new city of residence. Each is a wager you make on yourself- to win another step forward into a life that is yours because it called to you from within.

Life is the gaming table and the chips are all you.

As you learn and advance, you will get used to the discomfort of making these wagers on your talent. You’ll learn to better embrace your value and your growing competency and artistry. It may feel a big risk at first, but it is simple. If doing this is you, you will do it.

There are always disheartening obstacles and stumbles as you find your footing in a performer’s career, but all stages of a career present that. All lives face that, no matter their outward appearance of success or struggle.

You are never clear of challenges, nor would you want to be. Each stumble offers instruction and advances your path. A pro relaxes into that inevitability.

You may in fact grow to welcome regularly dancing on logs.

You must see yourself as a bet worth making. If you don’t, nobody will.

If you are right for voice acting (or wherever your curiosity draws you), you step into it because you must. Challenge and risk don‘t turn you away. They only sharpen your interest and steel your resolve.

Because you not only want to do this, you have to do this. Fearlessly, even if afraid.

You step up and place that bet.

That is what it takes.

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  1. Oh man. I feel like you wrote this for me. Thank you.

  2. Felt this one in my bones. My parents invested in me today to get my own equipment so I can record my demo reel and start my career from home. Moving next year nearer to London to be where the auditions and projects are. Set the ‘Stuck at Home?’ page as my home page. Can’t thank you enough for all your insight and support, Dee. Mel Blanc paved the way and you’re doing the same for us all.

  3. Thank you so much, Dee. The pandemic has gotten me down, so I needed this. Thank you for the whole website, actually; it’s taught me that I shouldn’t be so quick to rush into things and that no matter how polished I become, I can always learn something. I’m not quite ready to start my career, but I feel that your website will help me at every stage in my career.

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