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Welcome to my comprehensive overview of the art, craft and career of voice acting! I’ve distilled all I’ve learned for the benefit of both beginners as well as advanced performers seeking to get into voice acting. Having learned much over twenty five+ years in this business, I hope to provide you clear-headed, practical and supportive insight.

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Those new to voice acting and all curious amateurs should start by reading my FAQ and VO Myths pages.

If you are new to acting check the pages under the “Starting from Zero” dropdown menu above.

More advanced performers

More experienced performers will find specifics on advanced topics like how to make a demo, how to audition, what happens in a session and how get an agent, as well as broader discussion of the career of voice acting for those suited to it.

New Pandemic Pages!

For a breakdown of risks of early return to in-studio recording CLICK HERE.

COVID has rendered VO fully mobile! For my Working from Home pages CLICK HERE.

For a new page for experienced performers ready to start: CLICK HERE.

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you still have a voice over question, post it (below)!  

If my site doesn’t already address your question ask it, and if it is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it. 


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  1. Dee, I love this website […] Have you considered translating your website into another language?

    • Thanks! Since I keep tweaking, rewriting and adding to pages I’ve already written, I haven’t considered translating (or publishing as a book). Anyone is free to share my site pages in any way they want, though, just so long as there’s no money involved and I get credited.

  2. …have any recommendations on some cheap recording software and mic recommendations?

  3. I’ve been trying to put together an animation reel […] Should I include all of the voices I can do, or only the ones I can confidently do?

    • It’s not about voices, it’s about the quality of your acting. Only include your best that is competitive. If your acting skill level is not yet competitive, hold off on a demo and get better before making one.

  4. 1. How do I practice voice acting without a gig?

    2. Second, nowadays is voice acting ever done remotely? […] where I live is[n‘t] a hotspot for voice acting. Is that a ideal for actors or companies?

    • 1. Check my Stuck at Home? page for at home practice

      2. I‘ve only done remote VO for the past year as have most voice actors I know. Since COVID, a number of previously LA-based voice actors have recentered outside of LA (note this is after having established themselves there). This can work if one provides great acoustics and your talent and materials have earned you trust- and assuming your work continues to inspire confidence.

  5. What would be some good tips to do an accent or an impression?

    • For “accents” and dialects, I found the “Acting with an Accent” series helpful (I drove around listening to them and working with them in my car). Always repeat the performance of actors in shows with accents you want to capture for yourself.

      For “impressions” I’m fonding of watching someone who’s good at impressions and aping what they do. They have the slight exaggeration of character down and you just mimic that. Do what Dana Carvey does (or whoever you like).

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