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*NEW!* Working from Home

An “in studio” career has transformed into a “from home” career.

Social distancing and stay-at-home mandates have transformed the voice over industry overnight. Recording and auditioning from home is suddenly the way to go, even for animation and games, which have historically been face-to-face and in person.

Sessions are now directed remotely via conferencing software (sometimes with video, sometimes just audio) and voice actors are now expected to record an on-air quality performance at home and then transfer the session files to the studio after the session via the web.

Many projects now require a ready-to-go home recording capacity before allowing an audition!

It is thus each voice actor’s urgent priority to get a decent home studio capacity up-and-running ASAP!

There’s much to learn and acclimate to with this new arrangement, but I hope to show you it isn’t as daunting (or expensive) as you may think. In many cases, you can get a home studio set up and running affordably and quickly.

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