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Quick Overview of How to Start


Here is a quick version of what I recommend you do to begin exploring voice acting:


1. Get as much time on stage in front of a live audience as possible. This can be plays, stand up, open mic, radio, choirs, etc. Learn by doing in front of people.

2. Seek out, perform with and observe actors/performers more experienced and better than you.

3. Get good improv experience/training.

4. Read out loud a lot. Read a lot in general- and not just books related to acting!

5. Watch classic movies and TV, even video games. See my “Fantastic Fundamentals” page for specifics.

6. Practice imitating out loud what you hear in movies, TV and radio.

7. Try new experiences that are not related to acting but that feed your life. Expand your connection to life and people by traveling.

8. Connect with and nourish what you love: Follow hobbies, passions, activities that are not necessarily acting related but that fulfill you. 

9. Get voice/acting training only if it is constructive, practical and brings you results and a sense of progress.

10. Connect with who you are: Get healthy, workout, connect with your body. Write in a diary of your daily journey. Connect with and observe people.

11. Follow the fun and don’t give up!

12. Read this site thoroughly, and study others’ insight as well!

13. Stuck at home? No local classes or opportunity? CLICK HERE.


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