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Dig Deeper into the Career of Voice Acting

Watch the voice actor documentary, “I Know That Voice.”

This documentary is a fun introduction to what the top animation and video game voice actors are like, while offering a peek into what we do.  It’s available on iTunes and the DVD on Amazon.


Read Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt’s “Voice Over, Voice Actor” book.

Highly recommended for much detailed info and insight into the nuts and bolts of voice acting. Yuri and Tara are both terrific working voice actors and have put together a very thorough resource here. Read this!


Listen to all of Rob Paulsen’s “Talkin’ Toons” podcasts.

It’s available on iTunes for free. Free-wheeling interviews with a broad variety of titans of the voice over industry who talk about their careers and lives (new ones are added all the time). Great insight and lots of fun to listen to! Rob is a delight– an enduring talent who will always work. Learn from him and all the industry greats! Heads up: This is uncensored!

View VO Interviews at VO Buzz Weekly.

Chuck and Stacy have an insane compendium of in-depth video taped interviews covering all angles of the VO industry- voice talent, directors, pro’s, newbies, writers, casting directors, agents and on and on. An incredible resource!

Other web voice over resources:

Voice Over Resource Guide

IDEA Dialects Archive

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  1. Hey Dee,

    I have heard and seen “The Art of Voice Acting” by James Alburger to be a recommended book by several people. J Would you recommend it? To someone with my experience, anyway, what difference does it really make in which ‘first book’, to say, I pick?

    • Haven’t heard of it, so I’ve no idea. But I don’t think a book or even class is as important as starting to act or perform in any way you want to try. A book will not make you an actor. Acting will. Lowenthal’s “Voice Over: Voice Actor” book is available on Amazon, if you want a book I can recommend.

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