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Welcome to the web’s most comprehensive resource covering the art, craft and career of voice acting!

This site is for all levels of ability- from those utterly new to voice acting to amateurs to working pros. You’ll find no fees and no adds- just practical, encouraging insight.

I’ve distilled for you what I’ve learned from my over three decades as a professional voice actor in Hollywood, as well as five decades of live performing.

Whether you’re looking for an exploratory overview or a career-expanding deep dive, you’ve come to the right place!

Check back often for frequent updates and additions!

Dee Bradley Baker



Those new to voice acting and all curious amateurs should start by reading my FAQ and VO Myths pages.

If you are new to acting check the pages under the “Starting from Zero” dropdown menu above.

More advanced performers

More experienced performers will find specifics on advanced topics like how to make a demo, how to audition, what happens in a session and how get an agent, as well as broader discussion of the career of voice acting for those suited to it.

Pandemic/ Work from Home Pages!

COVID has rendered VO fully mobile! For my Working from Home pages CLICK HERE.

For a new page for experienced performers ready to start: CLICK HERE.

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you still have a voice over question, post it (below)!  

If my site doesn’t already address your question ask it, and if it is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it. 


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  1. How old do you have to be?

  2. […] where […] should [I] start auditioning- I live far from Hollywood, […] Or would it be better to start with recording acting demos?

    • Most actors start out far from Hollywood- myself included. Demos is the last thing you worry about, only after you get experience and training. I advise finding any kind of performing locally you can. You want acting and improv ability. If there’s nothing locally there are numerous online learning options to get started, as I mention on my site. Once you get going you follow your level of talent and enthusiasm to a city with more opportunity to learn and work.

  3. Hello, Mr. Baker! I was wondering if you did any coaching for voice over. I’d like to learn your methods on making cool creature sounds.

  4. […] my “acting” experience has been through self practice, posting fan dubs and impressions on my YouTube channel and TikTok account. I have found a local comedy club that provides open mic opportunities and I am researching local improv opportunities. I have also found a local voice coaching company that assists in producing a demo. My question is this: Given the good amount of free time and flexibility that I am lucky to have, is performing in open mics and improv to gain live experience a good place to start before creating a website and a demo that will lead to an agent?

    • Sounds to me like you are smartly exploring paths that can bear fruit. Check my demo making pages when considering a demo producing company. And I always prefer to take one’s time before spending the dough for that. Show’s gotta be ready before we make the billboard.

  5. Hello Mr, Baker.
    Do you consider DMing in Dungeons and Dragons or other TTRPGs (commonly considered to be Collaborative Storytelling exercises) as good training for improv or even VA?

    • Any collaborative creativity can yield good experience to later draw upon. But I wouldn’t catagorize it as “training,” which implies an objectively guided progress towards competency at a specific activity. Still, it’s good to be in the habit of creating stories and working with others, so it may be of benefit for starters.

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