Dee Bradley Baker's "Basics of Going Pro in V.O."


“How do I become a voice actor?” “How does the voice-over biz work?” “How do I get from amateur to pro?” “How do I make a demo?”

I’ve created this site to offer you my full answer to these and many other questions I often hear by distilling what I’ve learned from over two decades of voice acting in television animation, commercials, video games and movies in Los Angeles. Much of what I have to say applies to on-camera acting as well.

If you are new to voice acting, start by reading my pages “Starting from Zero,” “Classes,” “VO Myths,”  “FAQs,” “Workout” and “Research.” Whether you live in a Nowheresville or a Big City, whether you are inexperienced, young or old, my advice is the same and pretty much all I have to say is here. (Check back often– I continually add new content while I polish up the old.)

The rest of my site offers the more advanced aspiring voice pro ideas to improve your skills, save you time and hopefully up your odds of sustained career success. I also offer my take on navigating life as an actor.

You will find no short cuts here because I don’t believe any exist. Many are disappointed to learn that there is no quick or easy path to going pro, even for the few suited to it. It is up to YOU to find your own way, pay your dues and persevere. That’s the part I can’t help you with.

Best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker

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  1. [...]I am curious as to whether or not you think would be a good website for me to get some vocal training. The program seems to be legit, but I don’t want to make the investment unless I can get an approval that it is definitely worth it. [...]

    • I don’t know them, which doesn’t mean anything. Looks like they’re East Coast. I’d seek testimonials/recommendations of those who know the teachers or who have experience with their program.

  2. Hello Mr. Baker, I am a 17-year-old aspiring voice actor with pretty much no prior experience. Cartoons and the voices behind them have been a passion of mine, however, since I was a young child. My ultimate goal is to voice cartoons, but I understand that it takes time and a well-built reputation. So my main question to you is this: In your opinion, would audiobook narration be a good starting point that might lead one into the world of VO opportunities, and eventually voice acting for cartoons?

    • Books on tape are to cartoons as soap operas are to prime time television. They are separate worlds that happen to have overlapping skills. Any experience working with your voice as an actor/storyteller is valuable and could lead you forward or at least give you a clearer picture of your abilities. Books on tape is very specialized and focused work that goes for hours. It ain’t easy, and if this sounds fun for you, go for it! Anime is closer to doing original animation records, but again, it is a unique corner of VO. If you are interested in cartoons don’t forget stage and improv training as well. All VO related experience can be of benefit. Why not? The worst that can happen in trying something is that you learn something about yourself and voice acting.

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