Dee Bradley Baker's "Basics of Going Pro in V.O."


I’ve built this site to offer my full answer to this question by distilling what I’ve learned from over two decades of voice acting in television animation, commercials, video games and movies in Los Angeles.

I’ve done this because I want to encourage a new generation of performers in a way that allows me to continually add material while reaching as many as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are young, old or totally new to this, my advice is the same to all: Try it out, find if you have the right talent for it, improve your skills, and move forward. Beginners should start with reading my pages “Starting from Zero,” “Classes,” “VO Myths,”  “FAQs” and “Workout.”  Then maybe check out my “Research” page.

If you already have some (voice) acting experience and want to “go pro,” my advice is to be realistic, smart and “swing for the fences.” Pursuing a professional acting career blindly rarely pays off. The rest of my site offers you ideas to help you improve your skills, save you time and effort and maybe up your odds of career success and longevity.

You’ll find, however, no short cuts here because I don’t believe any exist. There’s no quick or easy path for the few who are right for this. It’s ultimately up to you to use the adversity and challenge of this line of work as incentive to learn and move ahead.

Best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker

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  1. Hi, I’ve been interested in doing voices since I was a kid and I had no idea what it really was until after high school circa 2003-2004. I’ve always had fun doing it and seeing what I could make my voice do and I know I have yet to really tap into the potential of my voice and its augmentations. My main hurdle in this is that I stutter when I talk. I don’t do it when I do voices or anything but it’s still a hurdle for me because my voice is mine the other whatever percentage of time I’m not trying new things or whatever. My question would be this: Is there anything you can offer as far as advice to help? I have no problem performing in front of people. I’ve been in bands and such but that’s playing music. I can sing in front of people and dance in front of them. If I’m in a room of people, I don’t have a problem speaking to them if I need to but I usually stay quiet until I get to know the people (if I’m there for that long, that is). This is a dream of mine and I would like to see it start to gain legs so anything you can give me as far as advice would be appreciated and would humbly accept.

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