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This site is for anyone interested in the art and career of voice acting. You’ll find here a uniquely comprehensive, practical and free resource designed for both beginners and as well as more experienced aspiring voice actors. You will learn what VO is, how it all works and the various ways you might arrive at a voice acting career. 

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned in over four decades of performing and over two decades of earning a living as a voice actor in television animation, commercials, video games and movies in Los Angeles. 

I dispel common delusions about voice acting and breaking in to “show biz” while casting light on the process of gaining the skills and experience a professional voice actor must have. You’ll see that voice acting is a specialized kind of “Acting,” and that it’s both an art and a business that selects for talent, luck and persistence. 

If you are new to acting and voice overs with little or no experience: Read my pages “Starting from Zero,” “VO Myths,” “Learning to Act,” and “FAQs.” Most everything on these pages is relevant to all beginners, whether you live in Nowheresville or a Big City, whether you are clueless or confident, young or old.  If you’re interested in trying voice performing, click on over to my “Voice Acting Academy.” 

If you are further along with some experience in voice acting: Read the rest of my site as well. I explain the nuts and bolts of things like making a demo, how to audition, how get an agent, plus I share what I’ve learned about handling the ups and downs of an acting career. 

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you’ve still got a voice over question, ask it!  If your question is not already addressed and is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it.

Understand, no website or book or class can make you a voice actor, but if you possess the right kind of talent and temperament, this site will hopefully help you advance your art and career more effectively. 

I continually add new content as I keep polishing the old, so check back.

Have fun, best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker


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  1. I am a 21 year old full time student… with a full time job. even though i already have a full plate, I have this burning passion for doing voice over work. With the small amount of spare time I do have, whether I’m at home or driving between job sites, I’m always listening to cartoon shows, movies, and youtube videos dissecting character voices and learning how to impersonate them. I have dabbled with making a few youtube impression videos within this last month, have my foot in the door for radio commercials at a local non-prophet radio station, and am doing some “guest appearances” voicing celebrities…on …student radio, but i can’t help but feel like i need to do more to get started in this business. Do you have any words of wisdom of what i can do to push myself and progress more?

    • Sounds like your head is in the game but it doesn’t sound like you have much time for what you say you want to do, assuming your studies and work have nothing to do with acting or voice acting. Do you like your studies or your work? If voice acting is something you love, you must find a way to be able to apportion time so that you can pursue it, to begin with. This can mean getting a more flexible job or waiting for a chapter in life when you have, say, at least evenings free to study acting in a class or perform in a play or stand up or improv or something along those lines. My view of learning to act usually involves a live audience.

  2. My 13 year old son wants to voice act, but views as more of a hobby than a full time career. I told him any craft takes dedication. What advice would you give this teen to show him that you can do what you love and still pay the bills.

    • Acting should start as a hobby. I didn’t think of acting as a way to earn money until my late twenties and I didn’t begin to target VO until I was about 30. My site has many suggestions for how to build skill and acting ability, but that will take time. Acting (which includes voice acting) must be like a hobby at first, to my mind– something you do because you love it. My view is you pursue fully any and all things you love when you are young until you hit upon a particular thing that you love and are very good at, then focus and get really good at that. Usually money flows from that, but it’s not the motivating goal. The two traps are trying to earn a living doing what you love doing but aren’t particularly good at, or when you try to earn a living doing something you are good at that you hate or have no passion for. Happy career flows from finding what you love AND are very good at (have real talent for). Finding that is a long path, an adventure with many avenues to explore. When you are young you have a window of opportunity to do that if you choose, being unencumbered by family and sometimes even financial obligations. That’s my take, anyway.

  3. What classes would I need to take to be best suited for the voice acting industry? I’m still in the early stages of my college experience and haven’t declared a major yet…I’ve heard theatre and preforming arts classes might be the best way to get noticed and hone my skills…

    • Study any and all things that interest you now- you may never have a chance to try these things later in life! I’m not a fan of early specialization, but that’s my style. I studied Philosophy and German and Biology, but did a ton of performing for fun during college. Most voice actors I know didn’t study acting (they don’t have an acting degree), but a few did. I never wanted to be a stage actor or a teacher so an acting degree didn’t interest me. I didn’t want to get into an acting class– I wanted to get on a stage in front of an audience! I liked stand up, open mic nights and improv, in addition to doing school shows and singing in choirs. I’d say go for any and all kinds of performing that float your boat. Me, I’m a liberal arts kinda guy. All the passions you follow now will flow back into your life and your work later, if you become an actor.

  4. I’d really love to work as a voice over actor [but]…I live [in a foreign country]….is it possible for me to [become a voice actor] in English?

    [Also,] Can you take a look at this fandub I made [?]

    • 1. The questions are not for me to answer, but for you: Is it possible for you to become a good actor? Do you have the right talent for voice acting? Are you willing to pay your dues to become a professional actor? Do you have the persistence and resourcefulness to pursue your dreams fully? These are questions only you can answer. 2. Sorry, as I say in my FAQ, no time for individual consulting.

  5. I am really passionate about the business… I’m a little restricted by location though. I live in Maine. Any suggestions?

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