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This site is for anyone interested in the art and career of voice acting. You’ll find here a uniquely comprehensive, practical and free resource designed for both beginners and as well as more experienced aspiring voice actors. You will learn what VO is, how it all works and the various ways you might arrive at a voice acting career. 

I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned in over four decades of performing and over two decades of earning a living as a voice actor in television animation, commercials, video games and movies in Los Angeles. 

I dispel common delusions about voice acting and breaking in to “show biz” while casting light on the process of gaining the skills and experience a professional voice actor must have. You’ll see that voice acting is a specialized kind of “Acting,” and that it’s both an art and a business that selects for talent, luck and persistence. 

If you are new to acting and voice overs with little or no experience: Read my pages “Starting from Zero,” “VO Myths,” “Learning to Act,” and “FAQs.” Most everything on these pages is relevant to all beginners, whether you live in Nowheresville or a Big City, whether you are clueless or confident, young or old.  If you’re interested in trying voice performing, click on over to my “Voice Acting Academy.” 

If you already have some experience in voice acting: Read the rest of my site as well. I explain the nuts and bolts of things like making a demo, how to audition, how get an agent, plus I give you an inside view of handling the ups and downs of an acting career. 

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you’ve still got a voice over question, ask it!  If your question is not already addressed and is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it.

Understand, no website or book or class can make you a voice actor, but I hope to provide you here with a full overview of this career and set those who are right for it in the right direction. I continually add new content as I keep polishing the old, so check back.

Have fun, best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker


If you enjoy my site, why not make a donation of any amount to the American Humane Association, a wonderful charity that helps protect children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect?


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  1. I [live far from LA, NY, etc] and was hoping to try and get Paid Voice Work Online. A lot of people have recommended me to try [an online VO site that charges a lot of money to audition].

    • I have never nor would I ever pay someone to “let me” audition. Voice acting isn’t a career machine where you put money in and get money out like an ATM. It’s about becoming an actor. If your interest is founded in getting money you may want to seek another career or at least give my site a more careful read.

  2. I did some demos and can I send you or where can I send my demos?

  3. …could you help me to understand voice acting as an art?

  4. Could you still become voice actor with speech impairment or will it be draw back?

  5. Did your voice become optimum for voice acting at a certain age? Right now I believe I have some vocal talent, but I’m 18 and my voice is still a little shaky and my range isn’t that big. Will that change with time and practice?

    • It’s less a matter of age or even vocal quality and more one of pure acting ability and vocal control. As you grow in confidence as an actor, as you gain further experience, your vocal range will expand. It will change with time and experience if you’ve talent for this.

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