Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."

“Voice Acting Academy”

Welcome to my virtual “Voice Acting Academy.” 

Tuition is free. There is no campus, no room or board and we’ve no teachers to report to or books buy.

Classwork focuses on mostly talking to yourself. The home study portion of your education consists of watching TV, movies and plays and maybe playing video games. 

Extra-class stage time is highly encouraged.

There are no grades, but feedback can be provided by an audience or a casting director.

Your application has been accepted. Let’s get started:

Here are the five areas of focus at our school (also accessible from the drop down menu above): 

1. Develop your acting and VO skills:

* Click for: at-home voice acting practice

Click for: at-home study materials (practice monologues)

Click for: acting practice exercise

Click for: dynamic acting exercise

*Click for: workout in the car 

* essential field work: get in front of an audience

2.Click for:  Study the masters.

3. Learn how the biz works and prepare accordingly (most of my site is devoted to this). 

4. Click for: Load up your “inner database with movies, TV, books, theater and video games. 

5. Click for: Expand your knowledge with outstanding outside sources as well.


If you enjoy my site, why not make a donation of any amount to the American Humane Associationa wonderful charity that helps protect children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect?


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  1. What’s the best resource to look for voice acting jobs as an amateur?

    • A non-union voice actor might find auditions through a non-union talent agent, but it’s more a stage you’ll want to go beyond. There are online resources for this, but I’m not familiar with them. Look to better your acting and your abilities before looking for jobs.

  2. 1. I live in the midwest and have no interest in moving, or even setting foot in a place like Hollyweird. Is this something I can do via skype, the telephone or something internet based?

    2. I would love to do voices for something like Young Justice. Would I have to be sitting in a studio to accomplish this?

  3. [S}hould I invest the in [a] pricey [VO learning program] ($3500-$4700) [which purports to offer training, marketing training and a demo]?

  4. Do you have any tips for expanding/workshopping new character voices?

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