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Weathering the Creative Climb

June 15, 2023

This is my response to a younger L.A. writer friend who asked for some guidance re: “imposter syndrome,” gaining useable insight in his craft and the uncertainty of the long journey of a freelance creative entrepreneur: It’s essential to get honest and constructive feedback on your work in order to grow. While classes can be… Read More ›

“What About My Accent?”

“I’m from [a foreign country] and/or have a [regional] accent or speech challenge. Can I make it as a voice actor in Los Angeles?” Your current regional flavor of English is not a fixed limitation. With talent and the necessary training, you can compete in a larger voiceover market and gain enough control to selectively… Read More ›

short form insight for (voice) actors, part 4

Insights 1, Insights 2, Insights 3, Insights 4 More quick takes on acting, life and “going for it” How you live, what you take from life, what you give to life, breathes power into your art. The tiniest adjustment of a rocket ship’s navigation can change its destination from the Moon to Mars. Your wanting… Read More ›

Short form insights for (voice) actors, part 3

Insights 1, Insights 2, Insights 3, Insights 4 A third randomized list of thoughts on VO, acting and a life of going for it. The best cure for stage fright is more stage time. Rejection is an actor’s dumbbell. With no costumery, set, audience energy or eye contact, in VO there is nowhere for bad… Read More ›

Short form insights for (voice) actors, part 2

Insights 1, Insights 2, Insights 3, Insights 4 More random thoughts on acting, career and the challenges of going for it… You become what you do. An actor can learn things from a live, paying audience that they can never learn in a classroom. Starting out unskilled or “from nowhere” is neither a meaningful disadvantage… Read More ›

Newly Signed and Worried

“After months of auditioning at my agency I’m still not booking, I worry- is my agent going to drop me? Should I stop paying for audition coaching and instead just wing my auditions? Are the low odds an actor faces even worth the money and effort of getting coached? Will anyone ever even listen to… Read More ›

Short form insight for (voice) actors, part 1

Insights 1, Insights 2, Insights 3, Insights 4 Thoughts on acting, VO and going for it, in no particular order. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Become a magnet: The question isn’t, “How do I find opportunity, representation and work?” It’s, “How do I get good enough so that opportunity, representation and work find… Read More ›

Avoid the “Talent Mill”

An aspiring voice actor recently conveyed to me an interest in finding an agency that promised to “find them work” while offering in-house actor “training.” Beware the “talent agency” that purports to both “train” and “solicit work” for their actor clients. This is a business that typically sells a series or package of on-going classes… Read More ›

Easy Errors

Here are some common errors for beginners to avoid. Being too fearful or nervous to start. Scared of stage or microphone? Take a deep breath and realize that taking a voice acting class or auditioning for a play is far from signing up for the marines. You are merely exploring a new hobby, like taking… Read More ›

What About Making Creature Vocals?

Half of my work as a voice actor has me vocalizing something outside my own species. I’m occasionally asked about this utterly weird and fun VO niche, so here’s my take on it: “What is creature voice acting?” Bringing believable vocal life to animals, monsters and aliens involves everything regular voice acting does, though in… Read More ›

No Matter What

Take the step and place your bet. When you find something you not only want to do but have to do, you will have no choice but to move towards it. The pursuit may be work, but it feels easy because it pulls you and you can’t get enough of it. With this inner necessity… Read More ›

The One Question to Ask Yourself

Judging by comments, the top concern of aspiring voice actors is how to get an audition. But there is a better question to focus on. Aspiring voice actors constantly ask: How can I get an agent? How can I get an audition? How can I get a gig? Where do I get a demo? Important… Read More ›

Take In the Lives of Your Heroes

I’m often asked about what an aspiring voice actor can do these days. We all face a profound isolation with most live performing and in-person learning being offline. Many just haven’t the means or opportunity to leave their apartment or home to explore or pursue their dreams or curiosity. And what would that even look… Read More ›

Should I Bug My Agent for More Auditions?

“Should I call my agent and tell them I want to audition more?” So you want to call up your agent to let them know you’d like to audition more.  What might be the best way to approach that? First, let’s imagine you are an agent. What sort of phone call would you most like to… Read More ›

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