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No Matter What

April 6, 2021

I‘d like to create an advanced voice acting class entitled, „You‘ll Never Make It as a Voice Actor! You Can‘t Learn It and I Can‘t Teach It!” Those students that still showed up would not only get a good class, but they may have a future in this. Inspite of it all, always bet on… Read More ›

The One Question to Ask Yourself

Judging by comments, the top concern of aspiring voice actors is how to get an audition. But there is a better question to focus on. Aspiring voice actors constantly ask: How can I get an agent? How can I get an audition? How can I get a gig? Where do I get a demo? Important… Read More ›

Take In the Lives of Your Heroes

I’m often asked about what an aspiring voice actor can do these days. We all face a profound isolation with most live performing and in-person learning being offline. Many just haven’t the means or opportunity to leave their apartment or home to explore or pursue their dreams or curiosity. And what would that even look… Read More ›

Should I Bug My Agent for More Auditions?

“Should I call my agent and tell them I want to audition more?” So you want to call up your agent to let them know you’d like to audition more.  What might be the best way to approach that? First, let’s imagine you are an agent. What sort of phone call would you most like to… Read More ›

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