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Here’s an idea:

Turn off the music while you drive as well as the news. You get enough of that. The music is repetitive and confines your background music too much. The news is superficial and pretty much wastes your mind with flashes of what seems exciting this hour, with little for your mind to chew on.

Why not
Now I am going to test it out with 9th the.                             What the hell is this with the sticky keys, although I think it does a fairly good job. 

One singular sensation.     Every little breath she takes.

One singularly sensation. Every move that she makes. 

There is absolutely no reason why this cannot type as good as the Apple keyboard. It still does a fairly good job, but there is the slightest lag still[p.   
Okay, I am now back on the Apple keyboard and it is much smoother and it doesn’t stutter or stick. It seems to miss nothing and feels smooth enough. 

I really like the function keys on the Logitech keyboard and the back light, but it’s just not reliable with this iPad pro. 

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