Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."

Page ideas

maximizing use of silence -Severous Snape,

Study the work of masters – Wishmaster


Obedience will only get you so far

Acting isn’t just a form marketing

Activley paying attention to a storyboard

How to direct a voice actor



Useful archetype genre/performance references:


Super Heroes

Monster/horror within -“Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde,” “The Wolfman,” “Dracula,”

monster/horror out there

horror- extra terrestrial

Future dystopia

action sci-fi/fantasy


Mad scientist

Post apocalyptic-end of world


Time Travel -an over-used device that rarely makes much sense but has been put to good use in a few projects, including: “The Time Machine” and “Back to the Future.” More recently I’ve really enjoyed “Primer” and “Looper.”

Supernatural -begins for me with Poe and continues up through “The Exorcist” and more recently “The Ring.” The idea of science vs. the supernatural that you see in a movie like “Poltergeist” really started with the writings of Richard Matheson.



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