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“How’s It Going?”

When asked what’s up with you, be ready to answer!

An actor enters an audition space or studio and is asked a seemingly innocuous question by the casting person or other creative decision maker, “How’s it going?” Most actors will simply dismiss it with a “fine,” or some polite dismissal and pivot to the work at hand.

But by batting away this seemingly inconsequential inquiry, you are passing up a huge opportunity to connect with and engage with your audience and prospective collaborator. Your response to casual pleasantries may well lay the groundwork for the asker’s trust and interest in you and how they engage with you and what you create.

I want you to answer that question.

In addition to being ready to “act” your assigned role, I want you to have your life on tap and ready to share for before and after and in-between your takes.

Whether it’s an audition or gig, this line of work isn’t just about your work, it’s also about the human connection that surrounds and informs the collaboration of acting and making a show. You should be aware of this and activate this as part of your process.

And you want to do this with an eye towards the tone and content of your project.

For instance, if I’m auditioning for a “dad” role, I’m going to have at the ready stories, anecdotes from my life as a dad- maybe what’s playing out with the kids this week or even today at home.

No, I’m not advocating inflicting your personal life on others with boring or unwanted or forced sharing. I’m also not recommending some kind of manipulation here. It should be authentically of you and your life- targeted in a sense, but honestly of you.

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