Dee Bradley Baker's "All to Know About Going Pro in V.O."


These are the questions I get asked the most. Click on the question for the answer.

Facing obstacles

“Can someone with a disability/ physical challenge/ or autism become a voice actor?

“How can I overcome [being shy/ awkward/ an “outsider”/ having speech issues or an unsupportive family, etc.] to begin exploring voice acting?

“I want to be a voice actor but I’m afraid my parents or family won’t approve. What should I do?”

Learning VO

9. “I haven’t read all of your site yet, but I have a question about…”

16a. Do you teach or do Zoom training?

8b. “Which VO classes/ teachers do you recommend?

2.a Can you recommend a good drama school for an aspiring voice actor?”

Taking the leap

7. “I have some acting ability and experience and I really want to do v.o. Do I have a shot?”

3. I [have a YouTube channel/ podcast/ am an internet content creator]. Can I become a voice actor?

4. “I’m a totally inexperienced beginner, with no money, no performing experience, nowhere to audition for anything in my [town/ school/ state/ country], and no idea of where to find opportunity or where to start. What do I do?”

4a. “I’m working full time at a non-acting occupation but want to be a voice actor. What can I do?”

15. I’m a trained/experienced singer [or other type of performer]. Will this help me in becoming a voice actor?


How old do you have to be to start voice acting??

1.”What’s your advice for an aspiring voice actor who is [young/ in middle school/ high school/ just graduating college]?”

2. What’s your advice for an aspiring voice actor who is middle aged or older?

Wanting to work in VO- but not based in L.A.

17. “Can you advise me on voice acting that is cast through a website (not through a VO agent)?”

11. “I want to earn my living as a voice actor but I also want to stay in [a small town/ a distant country/ a city with no recording studios, etc.]. What do I do?”

11b. Must I move to LA to work in animation/game VO? Can I solicit an LA agent without having yet moved to LA?

11a. I live in a foreign country and English isn’t my primary language. Can I become a voice actor?


13. “I’m kinda busy and short on cash. Is there a quick, cheap way I can check this out without too much hassle?”

12b. I’m considering paying a VO training company/program that says they can do it all for me in one package for a flat fee– train me to be a voice actor and set me up with a demo, a website and marketing skills. It costs over three thousand dollars. Should I?

Miscellaneous help

5. “Can you give me any tips for how I can [begin exploring voice acting/ find and agent/ get an audition/ get work/ become a voice actor]?”

8a. “Can you help me find that [book/ class/ casting director/ reference] you mentioned?”

14. “Books on tape voice acting seems an easier and quicker way to go– how can I get going on that?”

8. “Can you help me (or my kid) [get an audition with a particular show/ meet a certain casting director/ get an agent/ get work in a certain city]?”

18. I’m a parent and have been told I should get my child into voice acting. Should I?

Questions for Dee

19. Do you do conventions or sign autographs? Can I send you something?

Are you on social media?

16. “Can you [listen to my demo/ critique my sounds/ contact me directly/ view my youtube post]?”

20. “Why didn’t you post or answer my comment?”

21. “Why is my posted question modified or shortened?”

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