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Welcome! This site is a comprehensive overview of the art and career of voice acting for both beginners and more advanced performers. It is a distillation of everything I’ve learned from over two decades of earning a living voice acting in movies, video games, commercials, promos and television animation in Los Angeles. 


Those new to VO will learn that becoming a voice actor means becoming a specialized kind of actor.  I show the many paths available to beginners and amateurs to explore whether voice acting is a good fit. 

If you’ve never acted before: CLICK HERE

If the idea of acting or voice acting sounds scary: CLICK HERE.

For a quick overview of where to start your journey: CLICK HERE

For a quick look at what you need to bring to the table: CLICK HERE.

For a brief, but more detailed roadmap of how to become a voice actor CLICK HERE.

All newbies should also read: “VO Myths,” “Learning to Act,” and “FAQs.” These pages are relevant to all beginners, whether you live in Nowheres-ville or a Big City, whether you are clueless or confident, young or old, local or international.  

To start improving your VO skills right away, click on over to my “Voice Acting Academy,” for lots of at-home practice material. It’s not a comprehensive course, but a good start.

Those who already have voice acting experience

Those further along will learn how the VO business works and what to do or avoid in pursuing an acting career. You’ll also find specifics on more advanced topics like how to make a demo, how to audition, what happens in a session and how get an agent. I also discuss handling the ups and downs of an acting career and discuss the importance of keeping your artistic “fuel tank” full.

I try to show you the “long game” as well as the “short game” of being a voice actor.

After giving my site (as well as posted comments) a careful read, if you still have a voice over question, ask it!  

If your question is not already addressed and is relevant to others, I’ll try to answer it.

Although no website or book or class can make everyone a professional voice actor, I hope these pages provide you a practical and encouraging “launch pad” for exploring voice acting. I continually add new content as I keep polishing the old, so check back.

Have fun, best of luck and maybe someday I’ll see you in the studio!

Dee Bradley Baker


If you enjoy my site, why not make a donation of any amount to the American Humane Association, a wonderful charity that helps protect children, pets and farm animals from abuse and neglect?


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  1. How do I get an audition? I’m 13 years old and do not have much money

  2. I’m 18 and I was trained by a proffessional VA for about 2 years and I have done some small projects here and there. I would love to do workshops but unfortunately I am broke right now. I love voice acting with a passion but I feel like I’m stuck in the same place. I’m not really sure what my next step should be…. I will be taking some theatre classes in college though

    • I didn’t get into voice acting until I was almost 30 and had little money, like most beginning (or even established) actors. It’s a question of your resourcefulness plus your talent plus luck and perseverance over a long period of time. If you are right for it, your career will find you if you keep up the push.

  3. I’d love to do some voice acting! But alas, I’m just 13 years old and am a newbie to this. But this is my DREAM career bro! Any tips on where to go and what to do to improve?

  4. Do you think it is possible to become a decent voice actor (as for hobby) without pre-determined set of talents for it but through constant practice and the right learning process and/or teacher, if you’re passionate about it?

  5. Are you able to physically put the computer inside your recording booth itself? (noise-wise)

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